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Bulgarian-American Directories - Past and Present

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The Bulgarian-American Business Directory and Who's Who in the Bulgarian-American Community are in a Digital Web Book format. To view them you need to install the small file DNL Reader. When prompted, either 'Open' or 'Run' from current location. The plug-in/viewer will be automatically installed on opening. Click on 'Close' button to exit.

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The Bulgarian-American Business Directory is a successor to the Bulgarian Yellow Pages published in the past by BACC - a powerful advertising and marketing publication of Bulgarian businesses in North America. Your listing in this directory is one of the benefits of your BACC membership.

Both the Bulgarian-American Business Directory and the new Who's Who in the Bulgarian-American Community are published in electronic (digital web book) format, which allows fast distribution of the directories by downloading from the BACC website, by email or by CDs. The directories can be used either on-line at the BACC website or off-line as stand alone files saved in your computer. They can be also easily printed directly from your PC if you need to have a hard copy of them. The presentations can contain any known multimedia files. All listings and presentations in both directories will be up-to-date at any time, and members can update their profiles on-line as often as they wish throughout the year. In fact, the Directory is a 24/7 up-to-date on-line promoter of your business.

The Who's Who in the Bulgarian-American Community (Biographies & Credentials) is the new biographical directory of Bulgarians living abroad. It is published by the BACC, but the inclusion in it is not a part of your BACC membership. Reputable Bulgarians from around the world who are willing to document a digital legacy for current and future generations are welcome to participate. BACC members have the opportunity to be presented in the Who’s Who directory at a discounted rate.

The Who's Who publication presents the bios and achievements of distinguished fellow Bulgarians living in the United States and around the world. This archive includes biographical information, occupation, education, credentials, achievements, memorable photographs, videos, and much more.

If you would like to be known in the Bulgarian-American community for who you are, you should consider joining the Who's Who in the Bulgarian-American Community virtual cyberspace directory.

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